The Magic of Wyndy

Tommy Mayfield talks about where the spark for a babysitting app has taken him and his family over the past three years.

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Generosity Turns to Laughter

The secret to living is giving, the Seligson family will tell you, and here’s how you can join them to do just that no matter your age.

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Simply Linen Michael

Angel Lewis draws inspiration for the versatile, warm palette in her kids clothing line from both her daughter and her own closet.

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Shock & Awe

When you enter the Wades’ museum of a home, look left, look right and certainly look up. It’s filled with an ever-evolving collection of modern art and memories alike.

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On the Big Screen

Actor Michael O’Neill talks about his most memorable roles and how he came to commute to LA from Mountain Brook.

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The Jemison Gym

Skip the gym and head to Jemison Park as the temperatures cool down at last. You won’t need any mats, weights or bands for these three workouts—just bring yourself (and a friend if you like) and find a green bench or open space.

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Side by Side at Encore

How a community ministry at Canterbury United Methodist encourages working together to minister to those with dementia and their caregivers.

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